Our principles

In light of the growing water shortage worldwide, the careful, sustainable handling of available resources in our environment is of great importance so that the world population can be supplied with clean drinking water over the long term.

In line with our company philosophy, we consider it fundamental to make a technical contribution to supplying water to people in arid regions while also supporting the responsible handling of the environment. In doing so, it is important for us to combine sustainability with cost-effectiveness. We therefore place utmost importance on using environmentally friendly technologies where conscious efficiency and the saving of resources and energy take priority.

As a result, we use the most efficient components and latest energy recovery systems in our seawater desalination systems to reduce energy consumption to a minimum. By using environmentally friendly water extraction, the underwater world is not damaged and no environmentally harmful substances flow back into the sea.

Watertec stands for sustainably produced drinking water at affordable prices.

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