Universal desalination plants


Reverse osmosis systems are usually designed and built according to the situation, such as available feed water or the product water required. This can usually produce good results. However, if the situation changes, such as due to the system being used at various locations, these can, at best, only be used to a limited extent. We have recognised this problem and developed a kind of system that can be used flexibly and problem-free worldwide under a wide range of conditions. This kind of system is called UDS (universal desalination system).

Functions & properties of the UDS systems:

  • Desalination of various kinds of feed water – from low-salt brackish water to high-salt seawater
  • Production of various kinds of product water – from drinking water to pure water, regardless of the available water quality
  • Operation with variable voltages and frequencies
  • Compact assembly in insulated and air-conditioned containers
  • Global use in every geographical region with various air and water temperatures possible
  • Fully-automated operation, also possible with online monitoring and controlling

Areas of application:

UDS systems are the optimal solution in areas with particularly high requirements in terms of flexibility and mobility.

Possible areas of application:

  • On ships
  • On oil fields, oil rigs
  • In mobile camps, on construction sites
  • In mobile military hospitals
  • In disaster zones