Water treatment

Watertec designs and builds water treatment systems to create drinking and process water.

The following technologies are used for this:

  • Filtration (sand/gravel filter, cartridge filter, bag filter, etc.)
  • Adsorption (activated carbon, etc.)
  • Ion exchange (cation/anion/mixed bed exchanger)
  • Mineralisation (hardening, enrichment of RO permeate)
  • Membrane filtration (micro/ultra/nano-filtration and reverse osmosis)
  • Disinfection (with UV light, chlorine dioxide, ozone, etc.)
  • Chemical and physical process techniques (neutralisation, detoxification, flocculation)

These systems are usually dimensioned using an raw water analysis and designed according to our customers’ requirements.

Alternatively, all systems can also be designed as container systems that are tested and ready for connection. This version is particularly attractive for spatial reasons as well as due to the potential saving of costs associated with additional installation measures. The throughput of our systems extends from a laboratory system through to a large-scale process plant > 100 m³/hour.

Practical examples:

  • General treatment of surface water/river water
  • General treatment of well water
  • General treatment of process water
  • Specific processes to remove particles, iron, manganese, phosphate, nitrate, bacteria (including Legionella), viruses, etc.
  • Treatment of boiler feed water (demineralisation, filtration)
  • Treatment of cooling water (conditioning, filtration)
  • Production of ultrapure water for the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic and semiconductor industries
  • Recirculation of flushing water from surface engineering and the electroplating industry
  • Concentration of filter backwash water using membrane filtration
  • Post treatment of clear water from biological clarification plants to create bathing water quality or for irrigation